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Tradestar is a global specialized equipment manufacturer for the mining services industry, providing tailored solutions and quality products.

Tradestar has the people, equipment, technical experience, and skill to get the job done — and get it done right.  Problem solving and looking beyond the obvious to discover new and innovative solutions drive the business.  They consistently perform above expectations by approaching challenges with ingenuity and a can-do attitude.

DeltaE Truck

Tradestar has been providing superior solutions for over 45 years.  Products and services are tailored to exceed expectations and provide practical solutions that work in the field.  Tradestar grew from a small operation producing site mixed slurry (SMS) explosive handling trucks to their current state by servicing with care and respect.  

Tradestar has the capability to meet needs from bulk explosive handling trucks to emulsion processing plants.  The workforce is dedicated to producing high quality products through self-directed teams. They have the expertise to ship equipment throughout the world and to manufacture equipment compliant to international design standards.

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Chile Emulsion Plant 



Dyno Nobel Explosives Chile (DNEC) inaugurated its first plant on July 20, 2010 in Las Barrancas Coquimbo, 4th region of Chile under the name Austral Plant. Its head office is located in Santiago, capital of Chile.

Coquimbo facilities are the first in Latin America to manually assemble non-electric detonators (NONEL) as well as electronic detonators (DigiShot PLUS).

The plant is approximately 2,800 square meters.  The architecture chosen for its construction matches ecologic structures and promotes a warm and friendly work environment. DNEC also offers services for loading explosives, magazine management and technical support to its customers.

With the object to implement the innovative technology DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY for the manufacture of industrial explosives in Chile, Dyno Nobel decided to build an Emulsion Plant to deliver the best technology available to our clients in Chile.

The Emulsion Plant project was completed in November 2019 and is located in Coquimbo, Fourth Region. This plant uses a total area of ​​approx. 500m2.

In March 2020, the commissioning of our plant and the production of emulsion for the first sale of our TITAN 1000ΔE and TITAN 5000ΔE explosives in the country through our manufacturing units was carried out, obtaining a complete success with a client, who was satisfied with the results.

Manufacturing TITAN 7000 RU is projected in the very near future to meet the needs of underground mines in the country.

Today, DNEC has 70 working staff between the plant and head office.




Phone #


Angello Passalacqua
Business Manager +56 9 9375 4202

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Esteban Cárdenas

Technical Commercial Office Manager

+56 9 7519 5029

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Yasna Layseca

Commercial Assistant

+56 9 5946 7781

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Santiago Office
Ebro 2740 Office 201-202
Santiago, Chile

Austral Plant
Ruta D-427, KM 4.5
Coquimbo, Chile

Tel:22314558 / 22313542

Tel: 56-9-81362320



Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k was established in 2006, completely owned by Nitromak Dyno Nobel Turkey, who was bought by DYNO NOBEL in 2010. The main field of activity of Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k  is manufacturing and supplying civil type of explosive products and provision of blasting services and consultancy for all types of blasting applications.

In Albania Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k was the explosive provider and blasting services supplier for the total open pit and tunnel excavations for the well-known Rreshen-Kalimash highway project. Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k is currently supplying explosive materials for civil use and blasting services for the companies working on mining, stone quarrying, construction and engineering projects etc. Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k is strongly working to be the leading supplier of industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining, quarrying, seismic and construction industries in Albania.

Using the technology and knowhow of Dyno Nobel, Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k produces anfo and imports from Nitromak Dyno Nobel Turkey emulsion type explosives and non-electrical initiation systems from its plants in Turkey. Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k has magazines located in a very strategic place in the center of Albania in Zall-Herr,Tirana region.

Besides its main operations in Albania Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k has extensive knowledge and experience in;

  • Production & marketing of explosives,
  • Production & marketing of non-electrical initiation systems,
  • Drilling & charging pattern designs,
  • Complete charging & blasting services,
  • Bulk charging,
  • Storage & transportation services,
  • Special blasting operations,
  • Cautious blasting,
  • Supply of accessories,
  • Engineering & consultancy services,
  • Sectorial trainings,
  • Installation of manufacturing facilities / plants,
  • Representation of international companies.



Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k supplies only CE certificated products of her mother company Nitromak Dyno Nobel which are produced in compliance with the quality standards of ISO-9000, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14000. Quality is of major importance to Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k, and like DYNO NOBEL, Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k is renowned for its excellent safety performance and as a provider of innovative explosive products and services, which together deliver groundbreaking performance for its customer.

NitroMak Dyno Nobel, located in Ankara Turkey, has served the competitive explosives materials market in Europe and Turkey for over 25 years.  During this period, we grew to become a leading supplier of explosives products and services.  Supported by Dyno Nobel's global organization, customers receive innovative service and support.

We are dedicated to achieve the highest standards of products and services.  More importantly, our underlying core value is the principle of Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere.

 NitroMak offers innovative products and services in the following areas:

  • Blasting Services
  • Truck Chargers Service
  • Controlled and Special Blasting
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Storage
  • Engineering and Technical Consulting
  • Training