Take5! and SAO

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy describes how we deliver Zero Harm.

Take5! is a personal hazard assessment used before starting any task. It gives our employees tools to identify any risks and put controls in place to make it safe to proceed. A Take5! Is conducted before a task begins, at reasonable intervals if a new work process is introduced, whenever a process or operation changes, or before significant additions or alterations. 

Take5! is not just for operational activities. Workers in an office environment are able to do them as well. Everyone at some point participates in activities with an element of risk to us, a relative, or even a stranger. They can be simple, such as getting to work, or more complicated, such as dealing with hazardous or dangerous substances. A Take5! is your last chance to ensure you are not putting yourself or others at risk. 

Take5! consists of these five steps: 

  1. Stop and Look
  2. Think and Prepare
  3. Identify Hazards
  4. Implement Controls
  5. Proceed Safely or Stop


Safe Act Observations 

A Safe Act Observation (SAO) reinforces excellent safe practices, identifies necessary improvements, highlights any barriers, and is an opportunity to raise safety issues. 


SAO is a five-step process: 

  1. Identify an opportunity to conduct a SAO.
  2. Be prepared by being familiar with the task you are observing.
  3. Conduct the observation.
  4. Provide feedback as soon as possible.
  5. Personal debrief and close out. 

Opportunities for a SAO include high-risk tasks, hazardous tasks, tasks that previously required change/actions, new or modified tasks, new or modified equipment and a new or transferred team member.