Our Network and Locations

Our locations and strategic partnerships across the world combine local relationships with global expertise to meet customer needs.

Through an extensive distribution network and more than 3,000 employees, we provide quality products and blasting solutions around the world. Dyno Nobel is organized into two groups, Dyno Nobel Americas and Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific.

Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific

Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific (DNAP) supplies industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining industry in Australia, Europe, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Servicing surface and underground mining in the thermal coal, metallurgical coal, iron ore and other metals sectors,  DNAP is the second largest supplier in Australia which is the third largest explosives market in the world.

Dyno Nobel Americas

Dyno Nobel Americas (DNA) supplies industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries in Latin America, the United States and Canada which is the largest explosives market in the world. Additionally, DNA supplies nitrogen based products to agricultural and industrial chemical markets.


DNX Indonesia

DNX Indonesia 

Supported by Dyno Nobel's global organisation, DNX Indonesia delivers innovative service from its head office located in Jakarta and operations throughout Kalimantan, East Java and North Sumatra.

The dedicated team strives to achieve the highest standard of products and services in explosive innovation, driven by its vision of being the best in its market, delivering Zero Harm and outstanding business performance through people, culture and customer focus.

NitroMak Dyno Nobel


Supported by Dyno Nobel's global organisation, NitroMak Dyno Nobel, located in Ankara Turkey, has served the competitive explosives materials market in Europe and Turkey for over 25 years.  During this period, they grew to become a leading supplier of explosives products and services in the country. 

Dyno Nobel Albania

Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k was established in 2006, and is completely owned by Nitromak Dyno Nobel Turkey. 

The company manufactures and supplies civil explosive products, offers provision of blasting services and consultancy for the mining, stone quarrying, construction and engineering projects in Albania.

International Partnerships