Dyno Nobel's Premium Technology a Boost for Regional Queensland Manufacturing


Demand from customers for Dyno Nobel’s electronic blasting technology is boosting manufacturing in regional Queensland, with the company’s Helidon plant increasing production.

The plant in southeast Queensland has expanded to increase electronic detonator production, helping boost regional employment. Since the expansion late last year, the number of employees has grown to 103, up 63%.

More people have been needed at the plant to manufacture Dyno Nobel’s premium technology which has seen continued growth. A business of Incitec Pivot Limited, Dyno Nobel’s Half Year results released in May showed a 14% increase in electronic initiating systems sales in Asia Pacific, compared to the same time last year. 

Incitec Pivot Managing Director and CEO Jeanne Johns said: “Dyno Nobel’s overall mining volumes continue to be supported by our premium technology offering. 

“We are seeing strong demand for our technology from customers who want to improve their productivity and safety outcomes, while also reducing the impact on the environment. We tailor our premium technology solutions to manage specific sites requirements and issues and as a result, our customers are getting better blast outcomes,” Ms Johns said. 

President of Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific Greg Hayne said Australia’s mining sector was continuing to operate well. 
“We are continuing to invest strongly in our technology pipeline, assisting our customers and supporting the Australian economy with local jobs in manufacturing.”

Looking forward, Dyno Nobel is focused on rolling out its DigiShot® Plus.4G system to further improve safety and productivity at mines across Australia.
It was this technology that produced a world record blast at BHP Mitsubishi Alliance’s (BMA) Caval Ridge Mine in Queensland last December. 

Dyno Nobel’s record blast saw 8,144 DigiShot Plus.4G® electronic detonators fired in single blast event that took 14 days to prepare and involved loading 2,194 tonnes of bulk explosive into 3,899 blastholes.

“As we continue to develop our technology road map, it’s nice to see these types of outcomes, which reinforce the way our technology aligns with the needs of our customers,” Mr Hayne said.

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Ashleigh Kinder

Senior Marketing and Communications Advisor