DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY® technology breaks new ground in metal and coal mining.

 Improving Safety, Productivity and Environmental Outcomes


*Reduces flyrock

*Minimises post-blast NOx generation

*Improves highwall stability

*Reduces groundwater contamination

*Results in fewer face blowouts

Decreased Cost:  

*Eliminates need to overload boreholes

*Achieves cost reductions in downstream mining operations

*Reduces subdrilling

*Reduces wear on loading, hauling and crushing equipment

*Reduces loading time

*Improves fragmentation

*Reduces inventory costs and simplifies budgeting

Enhanced Control:   

*Matches energy with geologic requirements

*Improves casting performance

*Eliminates compromised performance of wet conditions or long sleep times

*Optimises fragmentation and reduces fines

*Prevents product loss and unexpected results











Product Information and Resources

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