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Dyno Nobel is a great place to work. We understand that shaping our future organization means taking care of our employees and developing their skills to create business sustainability and strength.

Dyno Nobel Culture & Values

Due to the global nature of our business, we only accept resumes and applications online at If you don’t have the internet at home, you can submit your resume from any place with internet access including public libraries, community colleges, and internet cafés.

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Dyno Nobel is a global company and we are always looking for employees with the required skills and experience for the advertised role. Please make sure you meet the visa requirements for the country in which you are applying for.

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Please apply online in the first instance and if your application is successful you will be contacted directly by a member of the recruitment team.

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Genuine communication related to job offers by Dyno Nobel will never require the applicant to make payments or give banking information during the recruitment process. Genuine job offers from Dyno Nobel will never be given without an in-person interview. We are currently aware of job scams in which scammers try to extract personal information (Social Security Number, date of birth, banking information, etc.) from people looking for jobs with Dyno Nobel. How to spot a fraudulent job posting, email or other recruitment-related communication: Someone asks for money, You receive an offer without interviewing in person, You receive an email from a non-Dyno Nobel address, Someone asks for bank details or Social Security information, You receive a job offer for a role you did not apply for.

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You can apply for any available roles for which you have the required skill and experience.

Our website allows you to fill in your application in several steps. While you are entering details, click the "Save draft" button.

The recruiters and hiring managers may see your profile.

You can view all AAP documents by following the link.


Dyno Nobel Inc. prefers to recruit candidates directly, rather than through an external recruiter or agency. Dyno Nobel will not accept unsolicited referrals or resumes of candidates by any recruiter or agency directly, through email, or by any other means. Agencies must establish a contract with Dyno Nobel Talent Acquisition.