Chris Graves

Health and Safety Technician, Cheyenne, WY

I turned down my "dream job" today. I had an opportunity to do more of what I love and for more money and I turned it down.

Why did I do this? Benefits.

There's so much more to being happy in your work than money, and that's benefits - both written and unwritten. The written benefits are easy - companies can throw money at insurance policies, 401k's, PTO, tuition reimbursement, etc... all day long, but the unwritten benefits are really what makes employees stick around.

- Having a good relationship with your boss and coworkers.

- Having the flexibility to take care of your family if you need to.

- Having your supervisor's support for the things you're passionate about.

- Having the opportunity to grow within the position you're in instead of having to find that growth in the next position. These are just a few of those "intangibles."

What this situation has taught me is that I already have my "dream job." Even if you feel like you've outgrown your current role - have that discussion with your current employer and see if they can help you with the change you're looking for. No, you don't owe it to your employer, but if you're enjoying those intangible benefits, you owe it to yourself.