Pat Lim

Senior Field Applications Engineer, DynoConsult

Patricia Lim

My name is Patricia Lim. I am a Senior Field Applications Engineer for DynoConsult.  I have been with Dyno Nobel for 7.5 years but have worked as a formulation chemist for explosives research back in McMasterville, Quebec with a company called ICI Explosives (currently Orica).  I have also worked as a formulation chemist at ETI Explosives, field applications for ACE Explosives, federal explosives Inspector, explosives and radiation compliance for Weatherford and now with Dyno Nobel.

Dyno Nobel is a great place to work as most everyone is willing to go above and beyond their job description to make sure the customer is properly serviced.  All the Dyno Nobel employees are dedicated to their jobs and most importantly are willing to help out other employees.  All the bosses I have had are great and allow me the latitude to do the job as I see fit.

I have stayed at Dyno Nobel for over 7 years because the job allows me to travel and meet customers, who are now my friends, and most importantly, I have a lot of freedom to do my job without being micromanaged. 

The mining world is a small one where everyone knows each other.  I already knew many people at Dyno Nobel from my time as a federal explosives inspector.  The people attracted me to Dyno Nobel.

My greatest achievement was very recently.  One of the mine superintendents told me I have provided more technical support in 10 days that they have received in 10 years.  I was so thankful to hear that!

My favorite part of my job is meeting new clients or seeing current customers.

It is not just me that makes my work important.  It is the relationship between the account manager, customer and me.  We all need to work together in order for my work to be valuable.

I am a ‘foodie’, so I love to cook!  Since I like to eat and cook, I also like to work out!  Another thing I love to do is spend time spoiling my 35-year-old turtle.