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Nobel Fire - Electronic Shot Report (ESR) Nobel Fire is Dyno Nobel’s new and evolving premium holistic blasting software platform. From blast reporting to blast modelling, Nobel Fire offers a single software solution to your blasting software needs. With a focus of interoperability with your existing eco-system, Nobel Fire is the industry setting platform for integrating into your mining or quarry operation to supplement and drive your blasting management cycle.


ShotPoint Tracker PDA Captures data from electric seismic detonators such as detonator health, location, etc. Information about hole depth, driller, etc are also captured.

ShotPoint Tracker Desktop Captures and consolidates information captured from the PDA version of the software as well as importing data from the GeoShot system to allow creation of driller reports, summary reports and the export of data to other systems.

Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App The app provides an electronic version of the Explosives Engineers guide. The program has product information and several calculators to assist blasters and technical people with explosives applications.

ViewShot An advanced timing design tool for timing shots. The program integrates with Dyno Nobel electronic initiation systems to send timing to detonators.

BenchMark A simple timing design tool for basic shot timing design.

IMS Encompasses aspects of monitoring MPU safety and production in Australia. Tracks truck conditions, records safety checks, monitors locations and tracks production of products for billing back to SAP.

Hybrid Stress Blast Model (HSBM) A numerical model that can represent the mechanics of the rock blasting process.

FDM Fracture Density Model is Dyno Nobel’s brand new, 21st century physics-based fragmentation model. Through meticulous testing, FDM is the industry’s most accurate fragmentation model ever created. Leveraging proprietary algorithms and methodology, FDM considers many factors, including existing fracture networks to predict your modelled fragmentation outputs based on blasting parameters and your geology to mitigate adverse blasting outcomes to help shorten the timeline and cost to achieving your desired fragmentation results.

GEM Geological Element Movement is Dyno Nobel’s 21st century heave and blast movement modelling tool. Using shapes that can accurately represent rock fragments and code written to leverage modern hardware, GEM can help you predict cast blasting outcomes or ore and waste dilution to help manage your blasting outcomes. GEM is the industry’s fastest and accurate movement blast modelling tool on the market.


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