Mining Success Stories

Dyno Nobel can solve your biggest mining challenges - Just ask our biggest customers!

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∆E Customer #1—DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY™ in Surface Gold Mining

∆E Customer #2—DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY Technology Applied in Iron Ore Mining

∆E Customer #3—DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY Leads to Continuous Improvements

∆E Customer #4—3% increase in coarser materials and 1.1% reduction in fines

∆E Customer #5—9.2% reduction in explosive volume, 13.5% reduction in powder factors, NOx completely eliminated

∆E Customer #6—13% fewer pounds of explosives needed

∆E Customer #7—50 lbs less explosives per blast hole

∆E Customer #8—10% Reduction in powder, explosive column height grew 8 to 9 feet

∆E Customer #9—52.7% improvement in fragmentation

We've Solved Some of Mining's Biggest Challenges...

Customer #1—15% increase in Sag mill throughput

Customer #2—45% reduction in ammonium nitrate consumption and 35% reduction in total explosive costs

Customer #3—$1 million savings over 5 years

Customer #4—20.5% reduction in total fines in plant output and 30,800 tons/year increased in saleable product

Customer #5—41% decrease in recorded peak particle velocity

Customer #6—13% drill pattern expansion and 36% increase in blast sizes

Customer #7—250% greater tonnage compared to yearly average blast

Customer #8—17% reduction in mine-to-mill powder factors, misfires eliminated and 2.2 million tons blasted in 13.65 seconds

Customer #9—20% reduction in peak particle velocity and associated particle displacement

Customer #10—20% reduction in vibration

Customer #11—30% increase in pattern expansion

And That's Not All...

See What Our Underground Customers Have Found:

UG Customer #1—11% Improvement in face advance

UG Customer #2—7% improvement in advance, 30% reduction in charge times, and 25% explosive cost reduction

UG Customer #3—150m long vertical up-hole blast

UG Customer #4—50% improvement in blasting cycle efficiency, 12 hour reduction in charging time per stope and 50% decrease in detonator inventory

UG Customer #5—85% reduction in redrills and 52% reduction in stope cycle times

UG Customer #6—30% savings on explosives, 50% decrease in time required to load holes and 10% increase in face advance

UG Customer #7—15% reduction in production blasting, 10% reduction in set-up time

UG Customer #8 —20% increased recovery from stope redesign