TITAN® Thickening Bulk Emulsion

Titan®, a revolutionary thickening bulk emulsion, resists flow into borehole cracks, increases distribution of gassing chemicals, improves water resistance, creates more intimate oxidizer/fuel mixture, stabilizes emulsion, and increase gas-ability to lower densities.

Titan Gassed
Electronic Tagger

SHOT™ Electronic Initiation Systems

Our family of electronic initiation systems surpasses industry expectations.  They are easy to use, rugged and reliable, and include multiple safety features.  DigiShot®, DigiShot® Plus, SmartShot®, GeoShot®, DriftShot®

DYNOMINER® Underground Delivery Equipment

DYNOMINER® equipment quickly loads large volumes of TITAN® 7000 bulk explosives, at any angle, in a variety of underground construction, quarry and mining applications.  Our customers like DYNOMINER® for its increased safety, ease of operation and maintenance, reduced manual product handling, improved efficiency and flexibility, rugged design, and dependable operation.


NONEL® Nonelectric Initiation Systems

Our nonelectric initiation system was designed to be reliable, easy to use and safe.  Our NONELs are designed with a cushion disc and a delay ignition buffer, leading to fewer misfires and improved productivity.  The tubing is designed to resist tangles and the EZ DET produces NO shrapnel.

TROJAN® Cast Booster

Our high density, high energy molecular explosive boosters come in a variety of sizes and designs to handle any blasting application.  They are nitroglycerine free, won’t freeze in temperatures as low as -40◦C and are waterproof in up to 100 meters of water.

Trojan Booster

PRIMACORD® Detonating Cords

Dyno Nobel has the best low grain cord on the market.  With high reliability, fewer splices and easy handling and knotting.  The combination of PETN flowability and the dry spun process enable us to put a consistent core load in very low grain cord. Consistent core load is the key to reliability. Tight textile spinning produces twist-free, easy handling and easy knotting cord. No other manufacturer holds more cord technology patents or can claim less inline failures.

ELECTRIC SUPER™ Electric Detonators

Our Electric Detonators are engineered to meet stringent military standards.  The Dyno Nobel unique bridge wire design produces a focused energy pulse for more accurate and reliable initiation.   In addition, our electric detonators utilize a press-fit plug for superior water protection.  These qualities and multiple safety features make the Dyno Nobel electric detonator the best in the market.

Electric Instant Starter