Ammonium Nitrate A Global Force

We are a global force in nitrogen-based chemical manufacturing, we hold foremost positions in the commercial explosives and fertilizer markets. A large number of mining, quarrying, and construction industries use Ammonium Nitrate (AN) as a critical part of their blasting work. 

Ammonium Nitrate
Dyno ANFO Bag

ANFO Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil

Available in both bulk and bagged form, ANFO Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is a nominal blend of porous ammonium nitrate prill and fuel oil. It is a dry, free flowing explosive; formulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen balance providing optimal energy and sensitivity.  


Blasting Caps Electric, Nonelectric & Electronic

At Dyno Nobel we understand that careful and strategic planning, a high level of experience and expertise, and the ability to choose the highest quality components for the job are all important factors.  Whether you need electric, non-electric or electronic blasting caps, our reliable products are the best in the industry. Our blasting experts can help you select the right products and customize a program to help your organization become more profitable.

Blasting Caps
Electric Instant Starter
Dyno Nobel Boosters

Boosters Rugged & Reliable

All Dyno Nobel TROJAN® cast boosters are formulated from the highest quality PETN explosive (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate) and other high explosive materials ensuring reliability, consistency and durability in all blasting environments.

Cast Boosters

Bulk Explosives Optimize Your Operation

Dyno Nobel has a full line of bulk explosive products that are "Fit for Purpose" to help solve your operation's challenges. Proper product selection with bulk explosives is the first priority and should include a detailed look into geology, rock type, water, energy partitioning, design parameters, carbon footprint and fumes. 

Bulk Explosives
Titan Bulk Explosive in a Cup

Det Cord Detonating Cord with PETN Explosive

Dyno Nobel manufactures the world's most well known brands of detonating cord, available in a wide variety of coreloads (from 7.5 to 400 gr/ft) and either a textile jacket (Primacord®) or a plastic jacket (Primaline®), for a wide variety of mining explosive needs.

Det Cord

Dynamite We are the ONLY Dynamite Manufacturer in America

All of our packaged explosives are made from high grade materials and rigorously tested at every stage of processing to ensure they meet our strict quality control and safety standards. 

Packaged Explosives

Electronic Initiation Systems Take Control

Our wide range of robust and reliable electronic initiation systems allow you to take control of your blasting challenges.