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Dyno Nobel has a full line of bulk explosive products that are "Fit for Purpose" to help solve your operation's challenges.  Proper product selection with bulk explosives is the first priority and should include a detailed look into geology, rock type, water, energy partitioning, design parameters (fragmentation, profile of muck), carbon footprint and fumes. 

 Your Challenges Our Blasting Solutions
Increased security concerns and government regulations with Ammonium Nitrate prills Say good-bye to ANFO when you switch to TITAN®
Rough floors from poor toe breakage increases equipment maintenance and slows production TITAN makes it easy to optimize the explosive column load: more energy in the toe where it’s needed most, transitioning to a lighter load at the top. The result is uniform fragmentation and smoother floors.
Wet holes complicate drilling and loading which make productivity predictions difficult TITAN displaces water in wet holes and provides variable density so, wet or dry, you can operate with one explosive and one pattern. And you’ll never need to de-water!
Problem geology causes flyrock, blowouts and poor fragmentation TITAN tends to stay in the borehole rather than migrating into voids and cracks. In these conditions, your blast results are typically more predictable and fragmentation more uniform.
Inconsistent fragmentation slows production and  
increases downstream operating costs
TITAN releases a higher percentage of available energy than ANFO (especially in 3” to 6” holes), shooting at a velocity that delivers high brisance in most rock types, resulting in superior fragmentation.
Shooting every day increases blast-related liabilities TITAN’s reduced powder factor and increased truck capacity means you’ll be able to load larger patterns - and shoot less often.
Post-blast NOx fumes TITAN is highly refined and can significantly reduce or entirely eliminate NOx fume generation from your shots. 
Labor shortages and slow cycle times limit advance rates in tunneling and shaft sinking projects
Whether drifting, stoping or sinking a shaft, DynoMiner® systems load fast and easy with a single operator.

TITAN® XL 1000  Repumpable Emulsion Explosive HOW IT WORKS
  • A specialized TITAN XL 1000 truck transports unsensitized repumpable emulsion to the pattern
  • Small quantities of gassing chemicals are blended into the emulsion as it is pumped into the borehole
  • The gassing reaction senstitizes the emulsion and expands it to  the desired density
  • Dyno Nobel’s gassing technology enables variable density from 0.90 to 1.25 g/cc to optimize blasting results
  • TITAN XL 1000 is ideal for remote locations where a repumpable emulsion storage silo is all that’s needed for on site reloading.
TITAN® SME  Site Mixed Emulsion Explosive HOW IT WORKS
  • A specialized TITAN SME truck transports heated Ammonium Nitrate solution and other raw materials to the pattern (none of these materials, in the wrong hands, can be easily detonated)
  • A patented mixing/pumping system combines the ingredients
  • The mixture only becomes explosive after gassing occurs in the borehole
  • Dyno Nobel’s gassing technology enables variable density from 0.90 to 1.25 g/cc to optimize blasting result
TITAN® 7000 RU  Underground Emulsion Explosive HOW IT WORKS
  • TITAN 7000 RU repumpable emulsion is formulated for use with DynoMiner® loading units in underground construction, quarry and mining operations
  • DynoMiner loading units are available in configurations designed for drifting, stoping or shaft sinking
  • A variety of specialized TITAN 7000 RU formulations are formulated for uphole loading as well as concrete and sulfide ore compatibility

TITAN® 1000∆E Gassed Emulsion Explosive -  DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY Technology Differential Energy Logo

  • DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY improves safety due to limited quantity of explosive class material on site, minimized flyrock and face blow-outs and improved highwall stability
  • DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY solves environmental concerns by minimizing post blast NOx fumes and reduces dissolved nitrates in groundwater
  • DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY maximizes productivity as one product is used for wet or dry conditions.  DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY enhances size gradation of rock in the blast muckpile, improves the muckpile profile, improves grade control and reduces subdrill.

Dyno Nobel is the ONLY explosive provider with the technology to achieve DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY. 

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Advantages of bulk emulsion over ANFO or other packaged explosive products include:

Dyno Nobel Bulk Products

  1. Easier transport, handling and storage
  2. Universal, detonator sensitive explosive
  3. Accurate explosive consumption count
  4. Shorter charge times
  5. Improved work environment
  6. Increased VoD
  7. Full coupling
  8. Excellent water resistance
  9. Low gas emissions
  10. Variable density
  11. String charging
  12. Safe and secure
  13. Less Fumes


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