Dynamite and Packaged Emulsion Explosives

Dyno Nobel is the ONLY Dynamite Manufacturer in North America

We know that consistent quality and results are vital when it comes to explosives. All of our packaged explosives are made from high grade materials and rigorously tested at every stage of processing to ensure they meet our strict quality control and safety standards. Once manufacturing is complete, dynamite and other packaged explosives are securely and carefully stored until sold. We use high-tech equipment and meticulous attention to detail in order to bring you some of the best products available on the market.

Dyno Nobel Pipeline Loading with Packaged Explosives

Packaged Dynamite Explosives

Our dynamite explosive is Nitroglycerine (NG) based and performs reliably in extreme conditions.  With diameters from 3/4 to 3 inches, our dynamite is suitable for a wide variety of mining explosive needs.Dyno Nobel Unimax Pro

Packaged Emulsion Explosives

Dyno Nobel manufactures a wide variety of packaged emulsion explosives including tube shells, paper wrapped emulsion and chubs for many mining explosive applications.  All packaged emulsion explosive products are detonator or booster sensitive with excellent water resistance. 

Prilled Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil Explosive (ANFO)

Available in both bulk and bagged form, ANFO Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is a nominal blend of porous ammonium nitrate prill and fuel oil. It is a dry, free flowing explosive; formulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen balance providing optimal energy and sensitivity.  

Seismic Packaged Explosives 

Our Seismic Packaged Explosives are some of the best available in the geophysical exploration industry.

Dyno Nobel has a winning combination of top grade dynamite explosive and other packaged explosive products and exceptional customer care.  Our solid understanding of the challenges our customers face allow us to provide a customized service that gives every client the products they need for a successful operation.  To find out more about how we can help, call us at (800) 473-2675.

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