BlastWeb® II Underground Blasting System

BlastWeb® II Underground Blasting System is an electronic networking system designed to reduce costs by decreasing time spent on production and development blasting in underground mining operations.



BlastWeb® II is Dyno Nobel’s next generation centralized digital underground blasting system. Its revolutionary design and advanced technology ensure safe and reliable blasting for all underground mining needs.

BlastWeb II allows for safe, centralized blasting through its Surface Blast Controller, which allows the user to initiate the blast from the surface. This ensures all personnel can be above ground at the time of blasting, eliminating exposure to fumes and gases.

The Surface Blast Controller continuously communicates with Blast Control Units (BCUs) and provides real-time data about the status of each BCU, channel, and initiation system to identify and rectify any potential issues before blasting. It also continuously tests all detonators, including end-of-line checks, to limit the possibility of misfires.

BlastWeb II integrates seamlessly with all types of initiation systems including shock tubes, DigiShot® Plus 4G, DriftShot®, and DriftShot Starters.


Features and Benefits

  • Real-time blast reports generated and stored automatically
  • Integrates with initiating system using mine's existing infrastructure
  • User-friendly application with limited training necessary
  • Lightweight design can withstand the demands of safe and reliable blasting

​Safety and Security

  • ​Allows for removal of personnel from underground before blasting
  • Continually tests all detonators and communicates with the BCUs to limit potential misfires
  • Requires NFC card and two-factor authentication to execute blasting process
  • Firmware can be uploaded remotely to remove personnel from underground exposure


Blastweb II Brochure