CE4® Commander Blasting System

CE4® Commander Blasting System is a multi-purpose device that is used as a Bench Commander, Repeater and Base Commander, and controls the entire blast.

CE4 system 

  • Limits user interface through: automatic detonator detection, testing and fast programming. Wirelessly controlled by the CE4 Tagger or tablet. 
  • Up to 10 Bench Commanders, plus a Base and optional Repeater, can be deployed for a single blast using long distance RF communication from a blasting point. 
  • It has four channels that can connect up to 400 detonators, giving a total capacity of 1600 detonators per Commander. 
  • By verifying the voltage, it can blast through high levels of leakage. 
  • Boasts a unique and robust design, with a built-in long-range antenna, that can handle the harshest mining conditions. 
  • The blast is initiated with contactless BlastCards.

CE4 Commander Brochure

Systems Required:

 QTY Material Description
 1-12  HT307041 
 CE4 COMMANDER SET 2/CS (Includes 1 Red + 1 Yellow set of blast card keys for 1600 max dets).
 1  HT307044 
 CE4 COMMANDER BLAST CARD SET (1 Red + 4 Yellow) (Optional for 6,400 max dets).
 1  307374
 CE4 COMMANDER BLAST CARD SET (1 Red – 10 Yellow) (optional for 16,000 max dets).
 1  HT307325
 CE4 TAGGER V3 (DIGISHOT PLUS 4G) 2 WIRE. One required for each person loading & tagging holes.