DigiShot® 1800 Blasting System

DigiShot® 1800 Blasting System is meeting the needs of challenging mining environments.

DigiShot 1800 system 

Bench Box 

  • Blasting box connected to lead–in harness wire and placed at a safe distance in close proximity to the bench 
  • Receives firing command from Base Station 
  • Six channels, each accommodates 300 detonators 
  • Can be used in standalone mode to fire up to 1800 detonators

Base Station

  • Placed at point of safety and remotely controls the synchronized firing of Bench Boxes 
  • Easy-to-follow screen menus lead the blaster through all delay and firing options 
  • Unit requires password to activate the blast 
  • One Base Station can control 4 Bench Boxes for a 7200 detonator blast 

 ** Bench Box and Base Station are interchangeable 

 Systems Required:

QTY Material Description
1-4 HT303640
DIGISHOT PLUS BENCH BOX. Comes with a charger, USB cable, USB to RS-232 cable.
1 HT303650
DIGISHOT PLUS BASE STATION. Comes with a charger, USB cable, USB to RS-232 cable.
1 HT303430
SHOT PLUS KEY SET 1R, 1Y (For Remote Firing 1 Bench Box)
1 SS303431
DIGISHOT PLUS KEY SET - 1 RED & 4 YELLOW (For Remote Firing 2-4 Bench Boxes)
1-3 HT302650
DIGISHOT OMNI DIR ANTENNA (900MHZ) SET(2) (Not Pictured) (1 set for every 2 boxes)
1 HT305905
CE4 TAGGER V3 (DIGISHOT PLUS) 2 WIRE. One required for each person loading & tagging holes.