GeoShot® Blasting System

GeoShot® Blasting System is meeting the needs of challenging mining environments.


  • Security: Providing an added level of security, an encrypted signal is required to fire detonators which can only be delivered by GeoShot equipment.
  • Electronic accuracy: GeoShot meets geophysical exploration industry standards of accuracy of < 1.0 ms deviation in function times.
  • Easy to use: Menu-driven software for the CE4 Tagger makes it simple to communicate with and test the detonators.


  • A fully programmable electronic detonator that is tailored to fit all types of blasting operations.
  • Verification of sufficient firing voltage at the furthest detonator, before the user presses the fire key.
  • The copper detonator shell fits into a standard booster.
  • Millisecond timing accuracy.


Systems Required:

QTY Material Description
 1  HT305906
 CE4 TAGGER V3 (GEOSHOT) 2 WIRE. One required for each Driller loading & tagging holes.
 1  HT305431
 GEOSHOT SIU. One required for each shooting pack.
 1  HT305412
 GEOSHOT DONGLE (Used in Dog House to retrieve SIU firing data).
 1  HT305721
 SIU UPHOLE SIMULATOR (Used in Dog House for testing).
 1  HT305191
 2 WIRE PUCK ROUND RED (Optional, used for Testing and Driller Training).