The Next Evolution of DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY (ΔE) Optimized Energy Placement

DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY(ΔE2) is an easy to use system that utilizes data from drills or other sources that characterize rock properties to allow targeted placement of energy in the blast hole. 

ΔEallows mine blasting load plans to be sent directly to the loading equipment to help ensure boreholes are loaded as designed.

Delta E2

Features and Benefits


  • Easily integrated into any DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY Bulk Emulsion Truck
  • Captures accurate information about the loading of each hole in the shot
  • Allows explosives energy to be accurately placed where needed in the blast hole
  • Allows fine tuning of powder factors for the shot or even individual holes in a shot
  • Loading profile feature allows custom loading plans to be reused


  • Improves operator efficiency by simplifying the loading process
  • Accurate information captured can be used as part of the shot reporting process
  • Accurately placed energy can reduce oversize and/or fines as required
  • Gives control of the loading process back to the engineer or blaster through easy to use software that sends loading instructions directly to the loading equipment
  • Loading profiles allow a specific loading scenario to be created and used many times to speed up design

Software Design

The Preload software has many different tools:

  • Drawing tools that allow the addition of lines, circles, and squares
  • Text can be added to the shot
  • Annotations can be made
  • Arrows can be drawn

Reports can be printed for users and truck operators to have hard copies of the loading plan in the field

Customized hole loading plans can be created and the information can be sent to the truck to allow precise control over how holes are loaded within the shot

Preload Screenshot
DynoLogix Main Screen


Importing Data:

Data can be imported from a variety of sources -

  • CSV.
  • XML.
  • Excel files
  • Directly from customer databases
  • Smart drills
  • Normal shot plans without smart drill data
  • Dyno Nobel mobile applications that create shot designs


Utilizing Data:

Through the use of colors, the user can utilize drill data and drill hardness data, analyze and view rock hardness profiles

  • Ex) red material is harder than green material

Through a single button click and a hole profile look-up, the blaster can load the entire shot based on rock hardness

Different densities can be applied to each borehole and segments within a borehole

Up to six different densities can be loaded in any given borehole

Face profile data can be used to automatically determine densities for face holes


Exporting Data:

Loading data exported from the program is sent to the DynoLogix control system, to load the bore hole


Once this information is created, reports are available that will allow the user to see:

  • How the holes will be loaded
  • What the actual hole loads will look like in the shot with each density
  • Statistics around that information

Shot plans are available that give powder factors, rock volume shot, rock hardness as an overall average for the shot, and again color coding

Hole Profiles