TITAN® 7000 and DYNOMINERâ„¢ equipment

The Underground Bulk Emulsion product line offers proven, premium product performance across all applications: shaft sinking, lateral development, downhole and uphole production loading. The appropriate formulation (density, viscosity) for the application may be used with the designated pneumatic or hydraulic DYNOMINER™ equipment and, as needed, may be modified at the point of loading with gassing sensitization/density modification or string loading for perimeter control (currently only in horizontal boreholes). There are also formulations designed for specific, challenging conditions encountered in some underground operations.


TITAN 7000 Brochure

Loading TITAN Underground

DYNOMINERâ„¢ Comprehensive offering

The application of TITAN® 7000 bulk emulsion underground is inextricably linked with the equipment used to deliver it into the borehole: the DYNOMINER. We benefit from having a range of DYNOMINERs which are matched to the sub-segment’s needs and to the application, giving us the flexibility to put the best combination of technology, bulk emulsion and equipment, in front of our customer.


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Trial Team and Fleet

Dyno Nobel has invested in a fleet of four (2x Advance M, 2x Profile M) chassis mounted DYNOMINER vehicles which are deployable for trials and demonstrations in the underground environment. There is no substitute, under the right technical and commercial conditions, for showing the customer in their own operation the benefits of TITAN 7000 bulk underground emulsion. This may be expertly achieved with the Underground Operations Team applying the technology together with the sales and operations resources in our various distribution regions.


Value-Added Technology

In addition to TITAN 7000 and DYNOMINERs, we have a variety of other differentiated, value-added technology offerings for underground, which include:


• DriftShot

• DigiShot® Plus 4G

• BlastWeb®

• RAPIDSHAFT™ System - RAPIDSHAFT combines the benefits of technologies and expertise in shaft sinking, applicable primarily to the metals and civil construction sub-segments.

Underground Construction A specialized area of focus

Investment in the construction of underground civil infrastructure and mines is alive and growing in North America. Accordingly, Dyno Nobel has a specialized team focused in this area. They operate in a focused manner, especially with the contractors that execute the work, supporting the sales resources in our regions and distribution partners.

Underground Construction
Underground DynoConsult

DynoConsult Customized underground expertise and services

DynoConsult (DC) is growing in underground, as well as on surface. As our customers become more aware of the benefits we can bring them through our expertise and advanced technologies, the DC Team becomes more directly pivotal to them and our sales resources, as well as indirectly in the process of adopting or converting to value-added technologies.


The DynoConsult Underground Capabilities Slick (linked below) gives a concise overview of the capabilities and services that may be offered. A number of our DC colleagues have extensive underground experience that can be brought to bear across all sub-segments.


DynoConsult Underground Capabilities Brochure


To find out more about Dyno Nobel's full product offering, follow this link.