ANFO Explosive

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Available in both bulk and bagged form, ANFO Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is a nominal blend of porous Ammonium Nitrate prill and fuel oil. It is a dry, free flowing explosive; formulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen balance providing optimal energy and sensitivity.  

Although ANFO has zero water resistance, it has a wide variety of applications in dry hole blasting conditions.  It's one of the most cost efficient blasting agents available for use in small, medium or large diameter applications. When pneumatically loaded; ANFO may also be used effectively in underground development and tunneling applications. 

ANFO provides excellent heave energy compared with explosives that contain a high emulsion content. ANFO is a dry and free flowing product, allowing delivery by loose pour or pneumatic loading. The low bulk density of ANFO provides excellent charge distribution in the blast hole. 

Dyno Mix Bagged ANFO

DYNOMIX™ Booster Sensitive Explosive

DYNOMIX is a prilled Ammonium Nitrate/fuel oil explosive mixture suitable for use in dry borehole conditions when primed with either nitroglycerin dynamite or a cast booster. It's available packaged in a variety of sizes and types of bags or delivered in bulk. For bulk delivery, it can be premixed and delivered to overhead storage bins, mixed on-site with stationary equipment and loaded into blast hole delivery trucks or mixed as it is loaded down-the-hole with specialized mobile equipment. DYNOMIX is used for quarry, surface mining, construction and underground blasting operations.

DYNOMIX™ WR Booster Sensitive Explosive

DYNOMIX WR is a premixed, free-flowing, limited water resistant explosive that uses a special mixture of ingredients to coat surface of the ANFO prills. This coating helps block water penetration and enables detonation in damp borehole conditions. In certain situations, DYNOMIX WR can fill the gap between regular ANFO and packaged explosive products and is available in various sizes and types of bags.

Top Quality ANFO Explosive Products  

When it comes to obtaining the right explosives for your next project, quality and consistency are critical to successful outcomes. As a leading provider of a full range of explosives, accessories, and initiation systems to a number of different industries, we have a strong track record in delivering high quality explosives. Whether you need a relatively small volume for a specialized one-off piece of work, or require a regular supply for an on-going enterprise, we can help.

ANFO Explosive – A Versatile Solution

Ammonium Nitrate is an adaptable oxidizer that works well when explosions are needed during mining or quarrying operations. When combined with fuel oil, it makes an effective explosive that has a wide range of applications. We offer a full range of packaged and bulk ANFO, including our DYNOMIX™, DYNOMIX™ WR and FRAGMAX® line of products.

When it Comes to ANFO, We Take Quality Seriously

From our years of experience in supplying Ammonium Nitrate explosive to national and international companies across the globe, we understand how important it is to provide exceptional products that our customers can depend on to give them the results they're after. We have invested heavily in our processing technology and quality control systems, rigorously testing each product at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure it meets the high standards our customers demand.

We Provide a Great ANFO Solution to Your Requirements

As a leading provider of industrial explosives, we know what's important to our customers and ensure that what we provide meets their requirements. If you're engaged in mining, quarrying, construction, or any other industry where top grade, dependable explosives are essential for business success, it's time to talk to us. To speak with one of our team members, call us at (800) 473-2675.

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