Electronic Initiation System

Our customers have been asking for an electronic initiation system that is easier to use and more reliable than other electronics on the market--DYNO NOBEL DELIVERS.  We offer a reliable and robust range of electronic detonators, control equipment and software including DigiShot®, DigiShot® Plus, SmartShot™ DriftShot™ and GeoShot®.

  1. Increase Safety & Security
  2. Reduce Overall Costs
  3. Deliver Value

Our electronics have been proven time and again to deliver value, reduce overall costs and improve safety and security.  Each product is frequently evaluated and improved to ensure the technology continually delivers tangible value to mining operations around the globe.


  • Large Blast Capability
  • Remote Firing
  • Blast Design Flexibility
  • Rugged Reliability
  • Complete Testability
  • Blaster-Friendly Taggers
  • No Delay Assignment on the Benches
  • Easy-to-Use Blasters


  • More Control: Vibration, crusher throughput, highwall stability and operational efficiencies can be improved with all our programmable electronic initiation systems.
  • Easy-to-Use:  Menu-driven software minimizes end-user training time.  The hook-up process is quicker because delay timing can be entered ahead of time.
  • Minimal On-Bench Components Simplify Use:  Just the Electronic Detonator in the borehole which easily clips to the 2-wire busline on the surface. That’s all!
  • Convenience:  Blast patterns and timing can be programmed into the Blasters in advance, or on the day of the shot, whichever is more convenient.
  • Automatic or Programmable Delay Timing:  Choose easy auto-programming to save time and reduce errors or the manual programmable mode to accommodate virtually any delay scheme.
  • Security:  The Blasters are password protected and require a specific Smart Key which uses a coded signal to fire the blast.
Another Practical Innovation from Dyno Nobel!